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Gregory Rosenstock.  

Who is he ?

Let's ask him!

Q: Who are you?

A: Oh, hi Q! Who am I? Hmmm. That's a good question. I may not be able to answer it, though. Unless you mean, What do you do?  You'll have to go to another page to see the answer to What do you do? But getting back to your question, Deepak Chopra answered it once, as follows:  I am a holographic expression of the whole universe manifesting in a time-space continuum of probability frequencies in a field of infinite possibilities.  Tongue-in-cheek it may be, Q, but it does makes sense. That's who or what we are. They tell me, by the way, that the best way to answer the Who Are You? question is to start with who I am not. But I don't think we want to go there, do we?   In the final analysis, there's actually no answer. The who who is answering is the who of the answer. And there's only one who not two. So to answer your question, I've no idea who I am. Do you?

Q: No, I've no idea of who you are either. 

A: No, I mean do you know who you are?

Q: I'm Q. And yes, I know what you're going to say: that Q is just a name I've been given, or a role I play, or whatever. So if you insist, no, I don't know who I am

A: Excellent. I don't know who you are either, so even though we've written a booklet together (the prequel to Be in Me), allow me to extrapolate from our conversation that as neither of us know who we are, we're both in the same boat. In fact, might I take the liberty to suggest that you and I, Q - Q & A - are one and the same?

Q: You might. 

 A: OK. Now let's see...should I ask the questions from now on?

Q: Just get on to the website, Greg.  And keep it brief, will you? We've already held things up here with our banter.

A: Of course. Well, the website has a page on some e-books I've published, two novels and a book about the afterlife, a page on thoughts about life, a blog page (to include some of my poems and things) and a forum page for our readers. That's it. That's all. OK, Q?

Brief enough?


Are you still there?....