What do I do?





When people ask me 'What do do you do?' my stock response tends to be: 'For a living or for a life?'  Most people want to know what we do for a living; once we can classify people we feel more secure. Hence this website; people haven't got to time to listen to what we do for a life. I teach for a living, but hope to be also teaching for a life as well very soon! Check us out at www.bluefeather.ie

So in the meantime, what do I do for a life? I've self-published two novels as well as a non-fiction inquiry into the afterlife. The Be In Me booklet is a prequel in the the form of a Q & A extended interview about the book. You can check them all out here if you like.

I also write plays and have written two full-lengths pieces for the theatre. 

As a teacher, in my effort to explain things, I often find myself explaining them to myself. We see the things more clearly when we teach. Docendo discimus, as they used to say. By teaching we learn.

 Check out the article about me called LIFE after LIFE in WRITERS.IE





After graduation, Greg taught for a number of years in Ireland, England, Germany and the Middle East, before establishing a school in Dublin, the Bluefeather School of Languages, in 1984.

He was a founder member of the Association for Teacher Training in TEFL in Ireland and Ombudsman for Tandem International, the association of quality language institutes worldwide.

Greg is the author of two interactive English language refresher courses which uniquely combine language skills improvement  and an in-depth exploration of a) The source of energy and how it transforms us at work and in life; b) Ireland and its Culture.

Greg writes fiction, non-fiction and faction :). 

His books include Be In Me, an exploration of the afterlife, and Towers of Light, a fantasy in collaboration with spiritual teacher, Lilla Bek.

Greg has written two novels, Who Cares, about a young person in search of meaning, and Lazarus, the story of a school-teacher who discovers that he has the ability to raise people from the dead. He is currently completing a book of short stories and working on a novel entitled Remember When which starts in the 13th century and ends in the future.

He has also written two full-length plays, The Gilgamesh Prism, set in Iraq during the invasion, and The Many Worlds Theory, in which a doctor is challenged by the hazards of allopathic medicine and Big Pharma.

Greg believes that the problems we experience in our lives and in the world at large are fundamentally due to the fact that we are unaware of who we are. We have been conditioned by our education and by society in general  to ignore our natural state, which is pure joy.