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The Return Q&A  (formerly pub. as Be in Me)

By Gregory Rosenstock
Price: Free. Words: 13,170. Language: English. Published: January 5, 2014. Category: Nonfiction

The Return, Q & A is an introduction to the author's book about life, death and the afterlife. This booklet is an extended interview with the author.  



1. The Return  

(formerly published as Be In Me

The author takes the reader on a personal journey of investigation into the afterlife, incorporating communications with his deceased wife.

2. Remember When, (memoir). 

A quest for lOve through seven lifetimes.


3. The Amazing Stairway of Light, (transformational fiction, with spiritual teacher, Lilla Bek)

A mystical excursion through the chakras inside an ancient Round Tower.


4. The Blossoms of the Apricot, (transformational fiction)

A choice Jordan made in the ancient past is seen as the cause of his terminal cancer in the present.


5. The Attendant, (literary fiction)  Original title, WHO CARES (2008)        

Dysfunction, fatalities and grim revelations shatter the ideals of a young care-worker at a home. 

 6. The Traveller's Son, (literary fiction)  Original title, LAZARUS (2012) .   

Luke Collins raises his son from the dead, but at a cost. The subsequent publicity reveals an incident from his past which sets him on a collision course with disaster.


7. The Gilgamesh Prism, (full-length play, with sound design by composer, Derek Ball)

Set during the invasion of Iraq, an American anthropologist discovers a portal to the ancient past. 


8. The Many Worlds Theory,  (full-length play)

A doctor's life unravels as he undergoes a radical transformation of belief in his profession.


9. Adam Smith & Co.  (play, with sound design by composer, Derek Ball)

This silent play incorporates four silent films shown at four specific intervals during the main play, Adam Smith.


10. Boulevard du Temple, (a collection of short stories)


11. Reflections, (a collection of poems)